Bakkum Noelke Structural Engineers Offer the following services:

  • Pre-Design Consulting: We have extensive knowledge of multiple construction types which allows us to assist in the selection of the correct structure system for your specific project.

  • Preparation of drawings and calculations: We provide drawings at all applicable levels of design (schematic, development, construction, and as-builds), as well as providing support calculations.

  • Plan-Check Approvals: We assist the client in receiving required permits by working with the necessary municipalities and ensuring their requirements are satisfied.

  • Construction Administration: We continue to work with the client until their building is satisfactorily completed, by assisting the construction team as much as possible.

  • Special Structural Inspections: We provide on-site structural observations as required by municipalities or as requested by the owner to ensure that construction is adhering to the design documents.

  • Forensic engineering and investigation:

    -Experience in engineering investigation and determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings' and their components.

    -Experience in engineering investigation of fire damaged structures.

    -Experience in engineering investigation of wind damaged structures.

  • Building Retro-fit:

    -Experience in modifications to existing structures and their components. For modifications due to change in use or to comply with current codes.

    -Experience in bow-string truss analysis and modifications.

  • Due diligence reports:

    -Extensive experience in analytical investigations of existing structures. Complete written and photographic documentation.

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